What Type of Person Succeeds in a Real Estate Career?


What Qualities Make A Good Estate Agent?


Real estate can be a very rewarding career choice for just about anyone. Those entering the field have quite varied backgrounds and skill sets. You don’t need to be a “salesman”. This is primarily a service business, and serving your clients well will contribute to your success.

Any given day, you may bump into a real estate agent who’s a recent high school graduate or a semi-retired business executive in her second career. Many have found it to be a natural transition from another sales career and more fulfilling to boot! After all, you’re helping people in what is usually the largest financial transaction of their lives. That’s not to mention the emotional impact of changing homes that may be in completely different areas of the country, or even the world.

If you question a group of brand new agents, you’ll find very diverse reasons for choosing a real estate career. Many love the “helping people” aspect, while others want to exercise their independent nature and be their own boss. As most real estate agents and brokers are independent contractors, they’re able to set their own work schedules and build their businesses in the ways that they want. We’ll talk about this and more in “The Benefits of a Real Estate Career”.

There are also those who may perceive a real estate career as quite lucrative, yielding excellent compensation for working when and how they want. In “The Challenges of a Real Estate Career” in this category, we look at compensation and statistics for new agent income, as well as why many don’t make it in the business.

If you don’t take anything else away from this site discussion, keep top-level in your thinking that your real estate career is a business. It takes commitment and investment of effort, time and money to build a successful real estate business. That’s whether you remain a “one person show” or if you start a brokerage with agents later.


You’re an Independent Contractor and control your own business.

•Your income isn’t limited & based on your skills and work ethic.

•Set your own work schedule and vacations.

•Work outdoors and in varied locations.

•Build future business with great service and client referrals.

•Enjoy helping people in one of their largest financial transactions.


•You’re an Independent Contractor and on your own to learn the business.

Income can be a long time getting going and “feast or famine”.

•You have to be available when the clients want you.

•There’s a high failure rate for new agents.

Liability and risk are part of representing clients.

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